UA Solution

  • In-app SDK
    Our powerful In-app SDK/API traffic generates great results. We manage premium inventory that have scored high purchase rate constantly.
  • Mobile Web / Desktop
    Diverse ad unit and perfectly embeded within the contents. Flexible pricing model from CPM, CPC, CPI to CPA.
  • Video
    Access massive global reach and scale for mobile video ad inventory across all the networks and direct publishers. Show your app with a full-screen trailer and pay only for the users who install your app.
  • Social
    Buy social traffic on a performance basis. Our social traffic consists of Google, Facebook and Influencer traffic(Youtubers, Facebook Page, Blog, etc).

ROAS Guaranteed Solution

Ultimate UA solution will be launched soon!

We are now developing the new solution which enables Junggglex to Guarantee the ROAS of campaigns.
Please contact us to be the first advertiser to try the ultimate solution.

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Peformance of JungggleX

ROAS and revenue is our core internal KPI for every campaigns.
Our premium inventories are categorized based on the quality results along to the verticals

Attribution Partners

Maximize your UA campaign results with our expert support.
Every campaign, we strive hard.

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